Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!!! Welcome to Footloose.

Happy New Year everyone!! Year 2007 has ended. It's 2008 and Footloose wants to celebrate the New Year with a great start by firstly providing everyone with good, fun, one-click online-shopping to satisfy our shopaholics desire to buy everything NICE!!
However to avoid burning a hole in our (or Mummy/Daddy) wallets, we have brought in the latest trend
setting accessory that every shopaholic MUST-HAVE. Who cares if everyone's staring at you, we LOVE the attention!!

Imagine having NO tan lines (caused by our sandal straps, sadly), NO straps (gasp) and NO freaking blisters!! Let your naked feet walk in the air and feel the wind. Cool, ain't it? You must be wondering how the heck does my feet hold on to the sandals if there aren't any straps?

The answer to this is self-adhesive water-based glue that covers the whole surface of the sandals, to wear it, simply remove the plastic cover and place your clean feet onto the sandals (IMPORTANT: wash and dry feet prior to use). Voila!! You're wearing a pair of naked sandals. Stand, walk, run and jump, it still stays on. Show off your toe-rings, anklets and nail art.

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Let's go NAKED!!!!

FL1 - Pink Butterfly & Hearts

FL2 - Black Waikiki

FL3 - Pink Shopaholics

FL4 - Black Shopaholics

FL5 -Rainbow in Stripes

FL6 - Pink Hibiscus Flowers

FL7 - Red Checkered Diamonds
FL8 - Green Army P

Excited aren't we all that the Original Naked Sandals (WE call it the ONS ;], pronounced 0-n-s) are available in Malaysia NOW??? Footloose has decided to provide all trendsetters and curious shoppers alike the Original Naked Sandals that enables you to go bare naked with your FEET!! For babes, show off your pretty pedicured feet (ONS is cool, funky and suitable for you especially after your pedicure session, you won't have to worry about messing up your beautiful polished toenails!!) and mix and match your toe-rings and anklets to accessorize your beautiful feet & your ONS!!!

What are you waiting for?? Get yourself a pair and imagine you are walking on air!!

The (estimated) measurements for sizes as provided by the supplier are as below, meanwhile we're waiting to get our hands on the real deal to provide you the accurate measurements. ;) It's a general guide for choosing the right size. So you could pre-order/reserve one first and I'll get back to you asap once the stocks are here kay. More designs might be on the way. Subscribe to us to get email updates!!

**edited on 5th Jan with size table


S - 3 1/5 - 5 1/2
M - 6 - 7 1/2
L - 8 - 10

S - 5 1/2 - 7
M - 7 1/2 -9
L - 9 1/2 - 11

Price: RM35*

* Since it's New Year, we're having promotions of BUY 2 for RM65!!
Grab it now!!

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feedback. :) Include product code, contact no./email.

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